Translations & Proofreading

We will bring your products closer to new customers. We translate into more than 24 of the world's most widely used languages

Korektúra textov


We will also take care of your foreign clients and provide your company with the necessary high quality helpdesk

Všeobecné obchodné podmienky


When entering the foreign market, we will help you to formulate business terms and conditions to avoid problems

Grafické úpravy, weby a kreatíva


Your company's visual is indeed very important. Do you want to look more professional? Then your outputs must look like that as well.

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    We are a mediation agency that covers a team of translators from all over the world
    We are dedicated to providing foreign language translation of non-official documents, websites or other materials.
    We have been operating in the translation market since 2016.
    We have extensive experience with clients from different areas and in various language combinations.

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    Ponúkame Vám

    • Quality translators
    • Our experience
    • Quick delivery
    • Online support
    • Consulting
    • Efficiency


We care about the quality of the work that we deliver to our clients


We deliver the final product as quickly as possible


All our translators know the languages in which they work perfectly


We deal with ordinary communication, consultations or phone calls effectively

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